We race, build, service and source race cars

M-Developments Motorsport

Based in Queenstown, NZ

What We do

We live motorsport

We live and breathe motorsport! We watch it, we support it, we compete in it; and we help others to do it.

M Developments Motorsport combines a team of experienced mechanics and engineers with a passion for motorsport. Our technical expertise and knowledge gained over years of motor racing (as well as multiple National Championship wins) means we are the perfect team to advise, maintain and supply all your motorsport requirements.

Whether you want to win a national title, go club racing or simply want your favourite car fitted with a roll cage to play at Highlands Motorsport Park; M Developments Motorsport can help.

Motorsport Fabrication Rollcage

Full Builds

Audi TCR


Motorsport Mechanics New Zealand


Roll Cage fabrications

Design & Manufacture

Data Acquisition NZ

Data Acqusition

Aero dynamic designs for race cars

Aero Dynamics

Featured Projects

Building race cars UP Racing Scirocco R Full Build

Scirocco R

Honda Integra Race Car build

Honda Integra

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