Design & Manufacture

from idea to reality

Our fully facilitated workshop in Queenstown, our team of experienced fabricators can design and build all aspects of your motorsport fabrication requirements.

Not only are our team proficient in MIG/TIG welding of aluminium, stainless and mild steel, we can computer design solutions and even 3D print items for test assembly before making the final product.

Motorsport Fabrication Rollcage
Roll cages

We manufacture roll cages to Motorsport New Zealand standards, from basic club sport packages to full multi point and beyond.

Where safety is concerned, corners should not be cut and our cages are designed and built to the highest standards


Motorsport Fabrication Exhaust fabrications
Exhaust Systems

Our team can fabricate full race exhaust systems from headers to a simple resonator addition.

High flowing exhausts that meet any noise restrictions from your local track without losing power.


Aero dynamics work for race cars nz
Aero Dynamics

While most racers put a lot of focus into the basics, like engine power, one very influential aspect of a race car that can be improved upon vastly is aero dynamics.  Not only can improved aero help with handling and ultimate corner grip, but a properly thought out and simulated package can decrease drag in a straight line whilst maintaining an advantage in cornering.

3d Printing Race Car parts NZ
Design/3D Print

In conjunction with PM Design, we can offer full design drawings of your concept. Further more we can 3D print your concept design to test for fitment before committing to the final production.

Full engineering files can then be sent to your choice of machinist or we can manufacture the product in house in most circumstances.

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